Re:Verse passage – Galatians 2:1-10 (day three)

“Then after an interval of fourteen years I went up again to Jerusalem…”

What happened to Paul in that interval of fourteen years? Scholarship is of several opinions. Timelines are sometimes notoriously thorny in biblical studies. But overall, one can see that a substantial amount of time elapsed between Paul’s cataclysmic life-rearrangement and his full engagement with the church. Why? Because change happens in one’s life at the speed of trust. What appear as instantaneous existential shifts have in fact been long in the making. Moses fearlessly faced Pharoah only after he had spent 40 years in desert exile contemplating his life (which prepared him for the burning bush encounter). Abraham ascended Moriah only after he had known God for the better part of a century. Whether 100 years, 40 years, or 14 years, change takes time in you. That doesn’t bother God.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

4 thoughts on “Speed”

  1. Thank you! This is so true. This really makes sense to those of us who beat ourselves up because we “didn’t get it” earlier in life.

  2. Thank you for this hope, assurance, and encouragement. We American humans get frustrated too soon if we don’t see quick results or progress.
    Great reminder at 77 to KEEP the FAITH!

  3. Bryan,
    You mentioned several opinions regarding the 14-year timeframe. Is one of those views that, during that time, Paul might have been conducting his 1st and/or 2nd missionary journeys? Putting Acts (especially chapters 14 & 15) alongside Galatians would seem to lend itself to that. Your thoughts? Thanks!

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