Re:Verse Blog – 9/4/23

Re:Verse passage – Galatians 1:11-24 (day one)

Join us as Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty, Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson and Minister Megan Langan walk us through Galatians 1:11-24 in our Fall Re:Verse Series: “Galatians – Jesus Sets Us Free.”

6 thoughts on “Re:Verse Blog – 9/4/23”

  1. The staff at FBCSA is and ALWAYS has been so encouraging and faithful to direct us to GOD’S best for us. Thank you to both man and woman insights.

  2. What a blessing! Pastor Chris I’m sure is pleased,that inspite of his illness the ship keeps sailing! Way to go team! Thank you Jesus! Yes, we all began somewhere in life that we can recall. Lol
    I am so thankful our heavenly Father forgives our sins. I am also thankful I can use that part of my life when necessary. My past mistakes that no longer define me allow me to encourage others and sow his seed.
    I loved having Megan on board today!

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