No Towels

Re:Verse passage – Mark 11:22-25 (day seven)

In college I met a girl who had recently converted from Islam to Christianity. She was reading scriptures fervently. However, she took a very literal approach to Jesus’ command that we will do greater things than He.  To test this out, she went to a nearby lake and attempted to walk on water. After failing, she reported back to her mentor. Chuckling to himself, while not wanting to discourage her passion, he simply asked, “Well, did you take a towel?” She responded, “Yes!” He laughed, “Well that’s why it didn’t work!”

God makes it very clear that we have the power and authority to ask that a mountain be moved and He will move it… as long as we believe He can. However, I think a lot of us, like the girl and her towel, prepare ourselves in case God doesn’t move the mountain. We pray, but we do not expect. We bring our proverbial towels to the prayer anticipating we will get wet instead of fully believing God can and will work a miracle. God wants us to come to Him with anything and everything, with no restraints so that He can show us that He is still in the business of working miracles.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

2 thoughts on “No Towels”

  1. Thank you for the reminder! I often am guilty of ” carrying my towel”
    Love you son..enjoyed our time this weekend!

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