Re:Verse passage – Mark 11:22-25 (day five)

Mountains have much significance throughout the Bible. Here, Jesus talks of the incredible task of asking God to throw a mountain into the sea. In a symbolic respect, we all face mountains throughout our lives. These mountains can be named whatever after whatever stands before us, blocking our way with an arduous and difficult climb: cancer, death of a loved one, lost job, difficult relationships, etc. Most of us have asked, firmly believing with all our hearts, that God move that theoretical mountain out of our way. While these requests may not seem selfish or wrongly motivated in our hearts, they may not be in line with the plan that God has in store.

So, the mountain remains, unmoved.

And herein lies our struggle. I had a brother that passed away from leukemia when he was two years old. I know my parents, their friend’s, and their church prayed diligently for Peter to be healed (the mountain moved), but God had a different plan. Looking back now 40 years later, we can see that God worked all things for His glory and our good through that time. Peter was healed and is now with the Lord, my family grew closer to God, and I was born soon after.

Faith is hard sometimes. There are times that God leaves those mountains unmoved so we can climb the mountain and grow closer to Him in the journey. We may want things (for a good or okay purpose), but what God wants is always better. When you pray that your mountains be moved, remember that He is a good God even when your mountains don’t move.

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  1. Thank you, Pastor Jimmy. You have written succinctly, what might possibly be the definitive commentary for this passage of scripture and have spoken for all of us who have faced a mountain that did not move.

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