Re:Verse Blog – 2/27/23

Re:Verse passage – Genesis 6:5-22 (day one)

“Unlocking The Old Testament”

Together, the Old and New Testaments are telling the story of God redeeming the whole world. From Genesis to Revelation the Spirit of God testifies to what God has done and is doing to complete his mission. Jesus, the Word, is the heart of that incredible story. In fact, Jesus helps us make sense of all God has revealed because he is the hero on every page; every story, every prophetic word, every letter, and every poem find their meaning in him, the glorious Son of God.

So as we explore the greatness of God in the stories of the Old Testament, Jesus will be our guide. He alone holds the key to unlocking not only understanding but also how we too can join God’s story of redemption.

For 13 weeks, the FBCSA family will be walking through, “Unlocking The Old Testament.”

Re:Vlog will be posted soon.

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