The Details

Re:Verse passage – John 21:1-14 (day seven)

One of my favorite classes in college was a hermeneutics course taught by a man named Dr. Bell. During each class, he would help us go through various scriptures, teaching us to find the answers to the details of what we read. Often, our searches led to more questions and more searches throughout the entirety of the Bible. It made reading the Bible in this light an adventure each time we opened it to read. Have you ever paid attention to the seemingly “unnecessary” details of Scripture as you read?

In John’s account of seeing Jesus again in chapter 21, we encounter many details that seem small and insignificant at first. He includes the number of fish caught in the net, (reminding us of another miraculous catch Jesus guided them to). He includes that Jesus cooked breakfast over a charcoal fire (reminding us of another charcoal fire from a few nights prior). John includes that Peter put on his coat to jump into the water to get to Jesus. He writes that seven disciples were present that day, but only names five of them. These details point us to deeper truths in the Word.

Some of the details may simply be in there to provide info on eyewitness accounts, and some may point us to bigger truths that God wants us to know. We may not know why God included some details, but we can rest assured that God doesn’t waste words. No detail was insignificant or unnecessary.

Are there any details that you are missing when you read?

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