Re:Verse passage – John 20:24-29 (day seven)

There are plenty of Thomases walking around these days. They appear as skeptics who claim to follow logic and applaud themselves for being openminded. More and more, there seems to be an increase in these types of skeptics. Bolstered by the internet and waves of “research,” they dissuade themselves from believing what they ultimately know to be true.

Yet, is it so bad to be a Thomas? For it is Thomas who makes the first claim of deity in Jesus post-resurrection in his statement in verse 28, “My Lord and my God!” It is also Thomas who convinced the other disciples in 11:16 to follow Jesus to His death. Thomas had deep conviction. Thomas was loyal. Thomas went on to do great things for Jesus.

It is the Thomases even our world today who will do great things for Jesus. Once a skeptic converts to Christianity, they are fully invested and ready to defend their faith. Just imagine if someone had given up on C.S. Lewis because he was a skeptic. Let us be the ones to reveal the Risen Lord to the doubting Thomases in our midst.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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