In the Same Way

Re:Verse passage – 1 Peter 3:1-7 (day five) “In the same way…”  What do we believe about God?  No really, what do we believe about God?  What about God’s sovereignty?  What about God’s wisdom?  What about God’s graciousness?  What about God’s holiness?  What we believe and understand about God can be life changing and life giving. It affects how we view creation. And as created beings, it affects how we view every part of our lives, even our relationships. Does God’s wisdom and sovereignty inform and influence our relationships?
Peter says, yes- political, social, martial (in the same way). What we believe about God will and should shape the way we act  live in all our relationships- In the same way!  God knows what He is doing.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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