Wrong Question, Right Answer

Re:Verse passage – Matthew 18:1-4 (day five)  

“Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Jesus seemingly doesn’t answer the question the disciples asked Him. Unless you realize that they have asked the wrong question. So, Jesus teaches them by giving the right answer to their wrong question.

What is Jesus teaching them?  What is He desiring for them to “see” and grasp?  Humility. A child’s status in that day??  A nobody. A child is to be “looked after”, not “looked up to”. (Better Together)

I’ll end with a quote from CS Lewis about humility:

“Do not imagine that if you meet a really humble man he will be what most people call ‘humble’ nowadays: he will not be a sort of greasy, smarmy person, who is always telling you that, of course, he is nobody.
Probably all you will think about him is that he seemed a cheerful, intelligent chap who took a real interest in what you said to him.
If you do dislike him it will be because you feel a little envious of anyone who seems to enjoy life so easily. He will not be thinking about humility: he will not be thinking about himself at all.”

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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