Re:Verse Blog – 6/20/22

Re:Verse passage – Acts 2:42-47 (day one)

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty, and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through Acts 2:42-47 in our Summer Re:Verse Series: “Better Together.”

3 thoughts on “Re:Verse Blog – 6/20/22”

  1. A good step forward, I believe, is the Pastor’s Lunch Bunch. The amount of North of 60 speaks to the need that we had to break bread together and have fellowship. I hope that these luncheons will continue to bring together those that feel alone and possibly over looked. The first one was a huge success telling everyone this is a need that has needed to be filled. Thank you Pastor Chris for hearing God and following through.

  2. WOW after so many years away from FBCSA & my own childhood church (BT, San Antonio) I had forgotten about after church fellowships & ice cream socials in Fellowship Hall where our dads would churn homemade ice cream all afternoon in order to take to the church, & that makes me yearn now for that kind of interpersonal fellowship at OUR FBCSA.
    Love you guys and all your teasing etc but all joking aside, you 3 are the best to get me thinking HOW can we as a church, after church summer fellowship, as an Area Fellowship, as a Ladies Bible Study small/big group come better together moving forward even with some homemade ice cream & ladies who love to bake yummy choc cakes, German choc for sure, & brownies, cookies, lots of sweets to add to our groups!!
    Lot of ideas now swimming around in my old noggin & I’m gonna have to go out & find a new ice cream maker (this time electric) & dig out my old recipes esp for peach ice cream!!

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