Pray First

Re:Verse passage – Job 42:5-17 (day two)

The Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends, and the Lord increased all that Job had twofold. vs. 10 

Notice when restoration happened for Job? It was after he prayed for his friends. Scripture does not indicate this as a condition for restoration, but there is likely a connection. The Lord was direct in his dealing with those men, and as Job stood on the side of righteousness he did so as a helpful conduit. He did not use that righteousness as an opportunity to gloat, he simply helped. For chapters and chapters they offered “advice”, and yet when it came to down to it Job’s act of intercessory prayer made all the difference. Tempted to help a friend in need? How much time have you spent in prayer for them?

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

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