Speak to the Lord

ReVerse passage – Job 9:32-35 (day five)

“Then I could speak to him without fear,
but I cannot do that in my own strength.”

In the midst of Job’s suffering and lamenting, he understood the chasm that separated him from God. This chapter of Job incredibly points out our need for Jesus and the importance of why He would come. Without Jesus, there is fear of judgment and fear of getting what we deserve. But with Jesus, there is freedom to trust and believe in the grace, love, and compassion of the Father. Without Jesus, there is a chasm between us and God. But with Jesus, He bridged the chasm for us and we get to have a relationship with Him. Because Jesus took our punishment, we have the privilege and honor of speaking directly with the Creator of all things, and that should cause us to stop and be thankful all the more. We are able to speak to the Lord, the Most High, without fear of death and punishment because of Jesus. I am so grateful for Him. Aren’t you?

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