Re:Verse Blog – 04/4/22

Re:Verse passage – Job 9:32-35 (day one)

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty, and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through Job 9:32-35 in our Spring Re:Verse Series: “JOB – Through the Storm.”

2 thoughts on “Re:Verse Blog – 04/4/22”

  1. Isn’t the passage, particularly verses 33 & 34, a clear longing for someone like Jesus? Is it a foreshadowing of the coming of the Son of Man? Isn’t Job longing for a mediator, when he says, “a man like me”? Even though mortal man “deserves” the terror that comes his way, Jesus came to bear that terror for us.

    P.S. I am an 89-year-old who worships with you on TV each Sunday.

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