Re:Verse passage – Luke 19:11-27 (day seven)

… they supposed that the kingdom of God was going to appear immediately. vs 11

Not much has changed. Two thousand years later and many people are still waiting for the Kingdom of God to appear. There are some who think it is imminent. Especially in recent days because we are “hearing of wars and rumors of wars” (Matt 24:6). Yet, this is not all that different from 2001 or 1941 or any other time in history for that matter. From the dawn of time, peace has not been sustainable. Satan has thrived in conflict and chaos, and he continues to tempt mankind with greed and gluttony of power.

Is it possible that we are in the “great tribulation?” Yes, but the eschatological implications of todays events are irrelevant. Our theological obsessions with timelines often leaves us more like the slave who hid his mina in a handkerchief instead of investing his endowment. It is not spiritually profitable to worry ourselves over when the Kingdom is coming. The Kingdom is coming. Our job is to grow the Kingdom on Earth as much as possible, so that when Christ returns His new Kingdom will be full with those whom we invested in.

Eschatological implications aside, there is a spiritual war that is happening in the world that is surpassing the physical combat. We pray for leaders around the world to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We pray for peace. We pray for Ukraine.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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  1. Once again, I love your devotional! So good! We need to be mindful of our todays.. Matthew 6:34
    Your devotionals are right on!

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