God > Everything

Re:Verse passage – Luke 16:1-18 (day seven)

You cannot serve God and ___________________.

You fill in the blank. This passage tells us that we cannot serve God and money, but we know it is not just money that becomes our master. What has become your master? Is it money, a hobby, your job/school, a person, your phone, or your schedule as a whole? What is it that competes with God for your time?

It is usually not an intentional choice to put something above God. Rather, it happens over time. It starts as a small sacrifice of God’s time in order to put something “urgent” into the top priority for that day. As we allow these “urgent” requests to pile on, God’s time seems to fall down the list of priorities. Eventually, the “urgent” becomes the master while God becomes secondary. If you do not protect your time with the Master, a new master will manifest itself in His place.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

2 thoughts on “God > Everything”

  1. AMEN, Rick.. this is soo good..thanx for this reminder..i had been convicted of this in my bible study and quiet time earlier in the week! Thank you and thank you for your wisdom and courage in sharing God’s Word each week!

    1. What you wrote so spoke to my heart Rick. Thank you. I have aiways placed great importance with wanting to get my schedule/goals/to do’s accomplished. Yes I would read the Word, pray but then my mindset was really the list of “to dos.” Easy to get into this trap.
      Again very grateful.

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