Good Things, Bad Priorities

Re:Verse passage – Luke 14:12-24 (day seven) 

But they all alike began to make excuses… I have bought a piece of land… I have bought five yoke of oxen… I have married a wife. vs 18-20

The most shocking part of this parable is that the excuses are legit. No one would cancel their honeymoon for a friends party. Nor would people bat an eye if the CEO flew across the country to check on his new factory.  These are not bad things. In fact, they are good things, but good things can make for bad priorities.

How many of us do the same thing? How often do we get preoccupied with our everyday life occurrences and inadvertently neglect our spiritual health? We fill our schedule with good things justifying our actions because the things we did were not sinful. However, good things, if they are not Kingdom things, can quickly become an idol.  Our priority as followers of Christ should be “What we can do for the Kingdom?” not “Does the Kingdom fit into our schedule this week?”

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

4 thoughts on “Good Things, Bad Priorities”

  1. Wow! Spot on, Rick! I surely must daily keep in tune with and submit to the Father’s plan in order adjust my plans if necessary and join Him in His kingdom work. Thanks so much!

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