Monday Re:Verse Blog – 11/1/2021

Re:Verse passage – James 5:1-6 (day one)

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty, and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through James 5:1-6 in our Fall Re:Verse Series: “JAMES – Authentic Faith.”

2 thoughts on “Monday Re:Verse Blog – 11/1/2021”

  1. Thank you for mentioning alchemy. That got me to thinking about what James is saying.
    Gold and silver are valuable metals that do not rust.
    Alchemy is pseudoscience trying to replicate gold by using a base metal…which cannot be done. Any results will corrode and rust.
    James is telling us our gold and silver is rusting, corroding. Therefore what we think is gold in our lives really isn’t. James is warning against choosing a way of life that is spiritual alchemy…it’s not genuine, it rusts and corrodes.
    The Christian whose priority is their own comfort first and foremost, is not loving others as they love themselves. And they are storing treasure on earth that will corrode and lead nowhere, instead of treasure in heaven that withstands the test of time.
    We should look at ourselves and ask if we really mean it when we sing “naught be all else to me save that Thou art”?

  2. Take a look at Matthew 6:19-24 as it really speaks to this James passage. Also when it references “workers of the field” it makes me wonder if I’m paying my yard guys enough!

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