Consistency of Simplicity

Re:Verse passage – James 4:1-12 (day seven)

Do you ever feel stuck spiritually? Do you feel like you are in a rut and your wheels are spinning but you aren’t going anywhere? Maybe you even feel like the spinning wheels are digging you deeper into the hole. It seems like the harder you try, the further you get away from God. The issue is that we are focusing on what we can do. In other words, we are trying to fix God sized problems with man made solutions.

James give us simple steps to get us out of a rut. Submit. Resist. Draw near. (vs 7-8) The simplicity is made perfect in consistency. It is not a one time decision that makes everything well and gets us moving. Rather, it is a daily decision to submit your whole self to God while continually fighting off the barrage from the enemy. The promise is that when we do this regularly, we will get closer to Him, and the closer we get to Him, we will realize He was near to us even in the rut.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

One thought on “Consistency of Simplicity”

  1. This is amazing! Truly needed and goes along with the Bible study I am doing! I will share this tonight at Bible study..thank you
    Love you son!!

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