Re:Verse passage – James 3:1-12 (day three)

“No one can tame the tongue.”

Do you really think you would straighten out your most vexing problem if only you could make your case a little better? There’s a good chance you do in fact believe that. And maybe you could. Who’s to say? But speech is often the first act, and when it is, words get deployed without benefit of reflection or listening or stillness. Their power is then unfocused and imprecise, because they have to cover so many categories and answer so many perceived threats. But when, like our Lord before Pilate, you remain silent, that quiet hour will turn your attention to the real need at hand. Our previously taciturn Savior’s eventual words shed mercy abroad as he asked God to forgive the very people who crucified him. Out of silence came words of grace.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor to Pastoral Ministries & College and Single Adults at FBCSA.

4 thoughts on “Reticent”

  1. Bryan, I like how you refer to words as being “deployed,” as in a military operation? Many times, our interactions with others are more cautious, wary, or spring-loaded to be confrontational, and that doesn’t leave much room for grace. (And yes, I’ve been reading from Paul David Tripp’s devotional.)

  2. Thank you, Bryan. So many times we have to be quiet and not start an argument. Praying is always the answer.

  3. As usual, your remarks are definitely profound and rich. I admit I have to go look up the meaning of “taciturn” before I move on. I think I get the gist, nonetheless.
    In the V-Log, however, I totally disagree that your silence would be more helpful to people! I for one have been greatly blessed when, even with full reluctance, you’ve shared your thoughts with me, such as when we had that discussion about Abraham’s foiled sacrifice of Isaac. Your silence there would not have been helpful! Your insights truly grew my spirit!

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