All of the Above

Re:Verse passage – James 2:14-26 (day five)

My favorite exam questions are multiple choice (had professors call them “multiple guess”). I always thought if I had the answer in front of me, I could spot it. But then, there were the questions that had that last possible answer… “All of the Above”.  If there were a multiple choice question about our re:verse passage this week it might look something like this:

Authentic Saving Faith is:  

A) Not just mental (what you think and believe)

B) Not just emotional (what you feel)

C) Not just physical (what you do)

D) All of the Above

James teaches that faith is D- all of the above. Believing, feeling, and acting are ALL evidence of genuine faith leading to salvation. Not just one. With precision and brilliance, James builds a definition of faith by expounding on what “it is not”. A different kind of lecture. Yet, an effective way to help us test our faith to see if it is Authentic Saving Faith.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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