Don’t Be Ashamed

Re:Verse passage – Judges 6:22-35 (day four)

Gideon shows boldness when he destroys the idols of Baal and the Asherah poles. He shows a desire to obey the word of Yahweh when he makes a “proper altar” to the One True God. This could amount to going into a small town, tearing down all their idols, and building a church in their place, all in the name of Jesus.

It says he did this at night because he was afraid of the townspeople and family members. But at least he did it. When confronted he does not deny it and is actually defended by his father Joash. Gideon turned the unholy wood into a sacrifice that the God of Peace accepted. The Prince of Peace came and was nailed to a unholy cross of wood; He was made sin for you so you could have peace with God the Father (2Cor 5:21). Praise God!

Are you willing to make a stand for Jesus in unholy places? It’s up to us to be bold and show this world how to worship the One True God. You might not feel like a “mighty warrior” but just be faithful with the task Jesus gave you to do. Obey His voice. Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel or of Jesus, or else He will be ashamed of you when you face God on Judgment Day (Luke 9:26).

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