Re:Verse passage – Judges 4:4-23, 5:7, 24-27 (day seven)

Whether we realize it or not, each one of us are leaders. God has entrusted Christians with the Gospel to be missionaries to our workplace, to our homes, to our friend groups, etc.  In these circles, we are leaders. Even if we are not the “boss” in these circles, our Christlikeness draws people to us. I expect this is similar to what Deborah experienced.

Being a woman in a patriarchal society, I doubt Deborah was looking to be a Judge for all of Israel. People came to her under her tree not because of her physical traits, but because of her Godly wisdom. She gained leadership from Godliness, and she maintained leadership from humbleness. She empowered those around her, knowing others strengths and her own limitations. She pointed all glory back to God, not on herself.  She culminates her leadership in thankfulness. Her song to the Lord is full of thanks for what He did to deliver Israel.

In your leadership circles are you exuding Christlikeness? Are you wise, humble, and thankful? People are already following your lead, where are you leading them?

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