Re:Verse passage – Judges 3:31  and Acts 2:42-47 (day three)

“After [Ehud] came Shamgar the son of Anath, who struck down six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad; and he also saved Israel.”

“All the believers were together and had all things in common.”

If there is any commonality between these two passages, it might be that they each present a view of a nation in its formative stages. The former passage from Judges chronicles the rise of Israel in its middle period between wilderness wanderer and geopolitical player on the world stage. The latter passage from Acts narrates the dawning of the church as it represents the eternal community. Hopeful prayers arise in each age. In Judges, one might say the prayer was “In Canaan as it was promised in Egypt.” In Acts, as profound fellowship took shape, their experience echoes another prayer: “In earth as it is in heaven.”

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

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