Re:Verse passage – Mark 1:36-45 (day seven) 

Jesus could have (and according to the law, should have) turned away from the leper and went about his plan to preach and teach, but Jesus was about to teach a lesson the disciples would never forget through his actions. Watch what He does,

Jesus reached out with His hand and touched him.”

Jesus didn’t have to touch him. We see other miracles of Jesus where His words were enough. The touch was as important as the words in this instance. Touching this man would make any normal person ritually “unclean,” but Jesus is not only still clean, He has made the “unclean” clean. Jesus’ touch is physically life giving. This was also the first touch this man has presumably had in years. It was love. It was compassion. It was raw emotion. The touch of Jesus was spiritually life giving! No wonder the man couldn’t contain his joy…

“He touched me
And oh, the joy that floods my soul
Something happened and now I know
He touched me and made me whole” – Gaither

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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