Your Mission…Should You Decide to Accept It

Re:Verse passage – Mark 1:1-8 (day four)

John the Baptist was an amazing man. Hundreds of years before he was born, the prophet Isaiah foretold his life and his mission. While he was still in the womb, he recognized the Savior. When he was born, he was obedient to his call and mission. When John preached repentance, all of Judea came out to hear him. He preached, he baptized, he prepared the way for the Lord and then had the privilege to introduce the long-awaited Messiah! In all, his public ministry was only about six months…but what an obituary! Jesus himself said there was no greater man born of woman.

We may not have such an exalted assignment, but have you considered what God has planned for your life? How has God designed your life to impact the world for Him? Certainly obedience, but what about compassion…what about bold witness…what about faithful praying? Will it be said of you, he or she was faithful to the end…they completed the race? It doesn’t take long to accomplish what God has in store for us. Who will be in heaven because you were faithful to your call and mission?

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