Re:Verse passage – Philippians 1:12-19 (day three)

“What then?”

Paul’s question is often your own when difficulties appear. You might not ask it in the same way. Perhaps you say, “What am I supposed to do now?” Or the question might arise in your mind as more of a statement: “Everything is falling apart.” It’s easy then to envision a range of very unpleasant outcomes. Not Paul. Faced with horrific suffering, he says, “Anything’s possible from here.” Paul was ordinary. He suffered, wept, worked, and felt the sting of injustice. But he had learned from Jesus that we don’t live in a deterministic universe. He had learned from Jesus how to expand his understanding of what is possible. That’s how joy took root in his life.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor to Pastoral Ministries & College and Single Adults at FBCSA.

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