Re:Verse Blog – Daniel Overview Special

Pastor Chris, Aaron and Bryan live out the text of Daniel. Join us as we see what shenanigans they get into on their journey to the wilds of Oklahoma and all places in-between.

15 thoughts on “Re:Verse Blog – Daniel Overview Special”

  1. I watch your live worship services every Sunday morning for which I am so thankful. It was so fun to watch this production and get to know the pastors’ personalities. You must have had a blast doing this project. What fun!!! I’m really looking forward to the series on the book of Daniel.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. We are grateful you watch and look forward to see what God is going to do with our Daniel study.

  2. Okay. My thoughts. I stood at San Francisco zoo when they were about to feed the lions. I watched a few feet away from the cage as over a half a dozen, possibly up to a dozen full grown male lions, each one about the size of my little car, roared at the top of their lungs out at me, trying to scare me backwards to the female lions that in the wild typically lay crouched in the thicket behind me as does happen in Africa. That is a moving experience.
    I admit I voted for Chris’s picture because of what it expressed. I do realize Aaron’s art capability. I was a math major in college: way to go, Bryan!
    Though you all may think otherwise, I find that Bryan ran away with the show! Bryan, I hope the Oklahoma police don’t catch up with you on that toll road, um, moral collapse; over less than a dollar. But I admit, I lift up my expresso to you with glee! LOL

    1. Scott, you are absolutely correct. The lions were terrifying, and yes, Bryan is the one who makes the show! He had Aaron and I rolling in laughter all the time.

  3. I’m not to sure that corn tortillas were part of the diet ?. I really liked all tha pictures. No lions in sad Antonio? Just curious. Great job guys.

    1. Lucy, being in San Antonio we had to have some tacos! As for Oklahoma we found the perfect place that would let us feed the lions and stay on site that evening. We really did sleep in the lions den (though there was a fence between us).

  4. What a way to think outside the box. Truly enjoyable and insightful. Still did not explain what Aaron had on his neck one Sunday. I was convinced it was a tattoo. Glad it was not. Thank you all for your continued work.

    1. Julie,
      Aaron, unfortunately, was having back and neck problems, and that artistic bandage was to help him heal.

  5. Very nice job on the video – camera crew, etc., included!
    I have to take up for Bryan. I do not like nor drink coffee. However, it’s made from beans & water, so why couldn’t it be included?? Also, the meals were PROVIDED to Daniel & company, so why should Bryan lose points because he didn’t actually shop for his food? Finally, his drawing got the 2nd most votes from the church members, so he should not have lost points there either.
    BTW, I thought all 3 were good representations of their respective subjects.
    I also want to commend this ‘outside the box’ effort. It tends to make one ponder more deeply the topic being covered. (One case in point: the serious reality of the lions den.)
    So thank you!

    1. Thank you Janice! That is exactly what we are trying to do (except your defending Bryan comments).

  6. It was a spiritually enriched experience that also very uplifting entertainment that is Applauded for: time, energy, and planing take make it such wonder even during your time busy schedules with church and family responsibilities!!! God bless you for all you do!

  7. This morning I have watched Blake teach, watched the revlog and read all of the everyday posts and am looking forward to watching our church service. Put altogether, it has given me a better understanding of the book of Daniel. Out-of-the-box thinking has brought many details and thoughts to mind.

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