Re:Verse passage – Daniel 11:1-45 (day four) “And now I will tell you the truth:” Chapter 11 is distinctively different than the rest of the book. No visions. No dreams. No pictures.  Just words. Did reading Daniel’s spoken apocalypse (chapter 11) feel different without any visual content?  Our culture has shifted to place for more importance on the visual rather than the verbal. Perhaps the influence of TV and computers. In fact, a nickname for a younger generation is “digitals”.   Have we come to value what is seen more than what is spoken? Sounds like Thomas (unless I see, I won’t believe). In God’s economy, the verbal (words) matters more than the visual (visions, pictures).   “Faith comes from hearing”.  Pictures, visions, and examples are all important, but not more than the words that accompany them. Words bring clarity and certainty. God please speak to us that we might hear, trust, and obey!!

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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