Get Back in the Boat

Re:Verse passage – Matthew 14:22-33 (day seven)

When they got into the boat, the wind stopped. vs 32

The question I have always found myself asking when I study this passage is “How did they get back in the boat?” Did Jesus pick Peter up like a child and carry him back to safety? Did the disciples throw a rope from the boat and drag Peter back in as Jesus walked by his side and coached his faith? Or did Jesus pull Peter up and walk with Him back to boat hand in hand on top of the water again? No matter how this played out, Peter called for Jesus to help, and Jesus personally took action. Jesus helped Peter get back in the boat.

When we fall down, Jesus is always there to pick us back up. When we call for help in the middle of a storm, Jesus always has His hand outstretched to pull us back to safety. He will help us get back in the boat, and the storm will pass.

2 thoughts on “Get Back in the Boat”

  1. I like your train of thought. We don’t know how far they were from the boat when Jesus pulled Peter up. My expectation is that they walked hand in hand on the water, but Jesus could have carried him. I suppose they could have tossed a rope. I hadn’t thought of that. But when Jesus stretches out His hand upon our crying to Him, we never know what to expect after that. He doesn’t often immediately rescue us from our consequences, just from the immediate danger, which could simply be from the consequences of being a lost soul.

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