Re:Verse passage – Matthew 14:14-21 (day seven)

Thousands upon thousands of Israelites are seen wandering in the desert, hungry and asking for food. Have you heard this story before? What happened then? God provided. What happens here? God provided.

Jesus is clearly making a BOLD statement. He is the one they have been waiting for. He is their provider! He even leaves 12 baskets of leftovers; the same amount as the number tribes of Israel. God has provided in abundance once again for Israel.

The people still miss something. Jesus is not just the provider, He is the provision. “I am the bread that came down from heaven.” This provision was so much greater than anything God had ever done before. He provided Himself to us! It was more than physical; it was spiritual!

“What is the deepest root of your joy? What God gives to you? Or what God is to you?” -John Piper

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

3 thoughts on “Provision”

  1. Thank you for the reference to the hungry Israelites in the desert. I guess I missed it all these years! Thankful for your youthful eyes and heart!

  2. Exactly, Ruth! And the statement that Jesus isn’t just the provider; He’s the provision. So wise, Rick!

  3. I’ve always thought that the twelve baskets represented the saving of Israel in end times. The 12 tribes would not be excluded once and for all, but would see Him as He is their Messiah, Yeshua. Many are recognizing that now with Jews for Jesus.

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