Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 12/16/19

Re:Verse passage – Matthew 8:23-27 (day one)

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through Matthew 8:23-27 in our New Winter Sermon Series: “Miracles” The Gospel of Matthew.

3 thoughts on “Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 12/16/19”

  1. This passage as many others reminds me of the song Part the Waters Lord.
    “When i think I’m going under, part the waters Lord
    When I feel the waves around me, clam the sea
    When I cry for help, oh, hear me
    Lord and hold out Your hand, Touch my life
    Still the raging storm in me”

    There are more lyric’s but you get where I’m going.
    This passages is a reminder that what ever storms we are going through if we call out to Him, He will hear us and calm us.

    Thank you for what you are doing at First Baptist and the city!
    Merry, merry Christmas!!!

  2. Aaron’s remark about “they were fishermen!” as if they had faced this kind of storm before, were panicking, tends to overlook the possibility that absolutely none of them had ever faced as fierce a storm as the one going on that night. It is obvious this event was to demonstrate the power Jesus had over all nature, and it left a deep impression on all of them. Jesus used that moment to talk to them about faith. There are storms in our lives that are too great for us to face, also there to teach us about faith. And some of us will probably die in them, as has always happened in history. And those tend to remain a mystery in our existence. Whenever I hear people say “God will protect . . .” I am reminded that sometimes He takes us Home.

  3. Scott, I do agree. BUT- having had 3 children, all Christians and now good parents- the storms can be overwhelming without Jesus.I do praise Him that He has been my Savior for so many years. Crying out to Jesus in the beginning or middle of a storm is saving of both life and health. When I fell two years ago, I cried out to Jesus, then Jim. Jesus, God, gave me strength with a broken hip and wrist to make the door open with the upper part of my crutch. It was painful. I actually was the “leader” in all of this. God walked with me through this last storm, and the storms that broke my heart with my children- all redeemed, but painfully. Jesus was by my side the whole time in every situation. Each situation brought me closer in faith and realization that control is NOT ours. God be praised for His mercy.I know there will come a time when His answer is “death unto life”. But so far not just yet.Thank you, Bryan, for being there.

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