Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 9/9/19

Re:Verse passage – Colossians 1:15-19 (day one)

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through Colossians 1:15-19 in our Fall Sermon Series: “Fullness of Christ” a study of Colossians.

5 thoughts on “Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 9/9/19”

  1. Guys, think also what the writer of Hebrews says in 1:3. “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being sustaining all things by His powerful word.”

  2. Because of who Jesus is, I am confident that we can take comfort in the promise that He holds all things together, even our broken and crazy lives and broken world.

    Jesus suffered and died on the cross for our sins and led by consistent examples when He was on earth. I am not aware if we have been promised an easy life, a life without trials, pain or betrayal. But we have been promised through God’s Word that no matter where we have been, where we are or where we are going, or will be, God was, is and will be with us.

    God is the creator of all things on earth so it is a common sense to trust that He is and will be the sustainer of all things on this earth. He is also the reason all things continue to exist, to continue, or to endure. We should have hope and feel comfort that Jesus holds all things together.

    Good discussion and reminder. Thank you!

    1. Jaimee,
      Awesome! Thanks so much for posting the video. The actual picture (not the diagram) still looked like the cross, but to me it ALSO looked like a person bending down in a loving, caring manner. ?

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