What if….

Re:Verse passage –Exodus 20:14 (day two) 

You shall not commit adultery.

As we looked last week at the commandment forbidding murder we quickly found Jesus’ teaching on the topic. You may remember that Jesus dealt not only with the physical act of murder, but the mental state of wrath and malice. It is not too much to assume that the realm of the mind with regards to the command to refrain from adultery holds a similar warning.

We may feel good about ourselves for not committing an act of adultery, but have you allowed you mind to go where it should not? Have you ever been in a place where you began to wonder what if….? The mind is fertile ground for the enemy if not continually surrendered to God. Like most things worth fighting for, our marriages require daily re-commitment to the covenant made with each other and with the Lord. Don’t allow the what ifs. Thank God for your spouse, and work together to strengthen the foundation you have made in Him.

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

One thought on “What if….”

  1. God cares about peaceful, loyalty, faithful and loving relationship. In my view, this commandment reflects God’s character of loving and caring of all humans. He does not like conflicts.

    It seems to me that this commandment specifically established the fact that any sexual activity between a man and a woman outside of marriage is adultery. How do people deal with sexual activity without marriage between a man and a woman?

    God knows as humans, we will make mistakes and he commanded that we DO NOT. We develop policies when we know that employees will make mistakes and by issuing targeted policies, we help minimizing unwanted behaviors and minimizing displeased and dissatisfied interrelationships. Peace is the focus here!

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