Re:Verse passage – Exodus 2:8-11 (day seven)

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

When God calls us to a Sabbath rest many respond that we are too busy to rest.  We try to devise ways to turn 7 days into 8, while God asks us to turn 7 days into 6. Two books that have been particularly helpful for me on this issue are The Contemplative Pastor by Eugene Peterson and The Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles E. Hummel.

Both of these works set forth a way to turn busyness into a productiveness that allows a Sabbath.  As Peterson puts it we are too busy because we are prideful (wanting to do everything ourselves) or because we are lazy (and let everyone else in our lives determine our schedule), but there is a way to Sabbath rest if we will be intentional with our lives and seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

Author: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Busyness”

  1. I believe the Sabbath was intended to serve human needs. This 4th commandment is to promote the good of humanity and is one that is badly needed in today’s society that values materialistic life over spiritual life. The Sabbath is good for our mind, body and spirit. Obey it!

  2. Pastor Chris I always enjoy your insightful blogs & posts and this one particularly hit home with me. In retirement I feel now that I lean more toward the laziness of life compared to the very active lifestyle Bob & I shared raising 4 children. So I will need to order the 2 books you suggested to see just how to jumpstart my inactive life in addition to enjoying the Sabbath as it should be enjoyed, with church fellowship,family & contemplative rest preparing for my next new week.

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