Re:Verse passage – 2 Samuel 24 (day six)

And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel,... 2 Samuel 24:1

Would we be okay with a God who is never angry? Our world would have us believe if God does exist then he most certainly would love us just the way we are. But in truth no one would settle for a God like that at all. A God who doesn’t get angry is a God who doesn’t love. A God who doesn’t get angry is far off, uncaring of the affairs of humanity, indifferent. A God who doesn’t get angry, is a God who doesn’t redeem.

The only reason we know God’s mercy and grace is because he gets angry. An angry God is an intervening God. So, no, we wouldn’t be okay with a passive, indifferent God.


Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Angry”

  1. God created us so I am sure He had expectations for us to be in obedience and to act like Him. Anger is one of the basic emotions that we find in all human beings. I am convinced that God has all the basic emotions as we do. Our emotions are the source of happiness or unhappiness, health or sickness and affect our well-being in general and those around us.

    How we process our emotions matters! I am sure when we fail to obey his instructions and when we fail to act within His commandments or fail to act like Him, He has the reason to be angry and to get upset! We violate his expectations and His character.

    We get angry and upset when our instructions to those, such as our children or our employees/subordinates, we care about and have the concerns for their total well-being are not carried out in good faith. We get angry when policies and guidelines are not the standard of operations.

    Disobedience or ignorance of His expectations or of His promises is one of the causes that trigger anger in God, I am convinced.

    How we take our anger and act on anger matters with God! Do we process anger the Satan’s way or God’s way? God’s way will lead to true repentance and Satan’s way will lead to continuous and ongoing conflicts for our lives for sure.

    After all, we get angry because a violation of our instructions or expectations has occurred! God get angry because a violation to God’s expectations and instructions has occurred! Is that less trauma if we just trust and obey Him?? Be mindful that how we process our anger matters as the outcome can bring us closer to God or farther from Him! The process counts!

    Have a Blessed Saturday!

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