Family First

Re:Verse passage – 2 Samuel 13:1-33 (day five)  

vs. 21 Now when King David heard of all these matters, he was very angry.

I keep looking for the verse or verses that were never written.  Maybe a verse where David shows compassion and encouragement to Tamar.  Or, where he rebukes and disciplines Amnon.  Yet, none of those things happened.  Why? Well, verse 21 might give us a hint. The reference to his anger was to David’s title as King rather than his responsibility and calling as father. A lesson for all parents.  There are always relationships and layers that we must filter decisions, responses, and actions through.  However, the most important ones are the relationships within our families (Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter).  We must always remember to keep family relationships at the top of our priorities and responsibilities.  By God’s design, those key relationships are the best images and portrayals of the gospel.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Family First”

  1. Noting that it was “King David” who was furious and not “father David” is a great point, Scott! Love your statement “By God’s design, those key relationships are the best images and portrayals of the gospel.” Good stuff!

  2. No doubt that family is the basic foundation of a community and society. Good citizenship starts from family. Good or evil, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, caring or uncaring, loving or unloving, wanted or unwanted, right or wrong actions or thoughts start from family. We learn by what we see or hear. Family is the environment that will influence and shape us or can make or break us as a stable and a productive member of a community or society.

    Everything starts from and with family. When talking about family, I am always reminded of the 10 Most Beautiful Mother Teresa Quotes on the Family.

    Happy Easter ???!

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