Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 4/15/19

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through 2 Samuel 13:1-33.

2 thoughts on “Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 4/15/19”

  1. Great discussions. David seemed to get stuck and was inaction probably his sons’ behaviors reflected his own sins! We all probably wonder how could this happen? Why does God allow the innocent to suffer at the hand of the wicked? David’s sin affects him, his wife and son, and now other members of his family.

    There are lessons learned from this family tragedy. We learn about the danger of misuse of power and authority, obedience and disobedience, ineffective leadership, resentment and bitterness, what love means, the personal and organizational or national consequences of sins. And most importantly, what not to do to stay out of sins and punishment for many generations into the future.

  2. David and his two sons are all opportunists! Opportunists will take advantage of the right opportunity to advance their personal agendas without any regards for ethics and morality!

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