Re:Verse passage – 2 Samuel 11 (day four)

What was David thinking?  He knew God’s laws.  He knew it was wrong to lay with another man’s wife.  Levitical law called for them both to be executed.  David was the king though and he thought he might get away with his sin.  Uh-ohh…David is found out…God knew all along.

We learn through David the power of repentance.  David responds correctly in contrition when Nathan confronts him with his sin.  (Chapter 12)  Psalm 51 is David’s prayer of repentance following his sin.  Further evidence of God’s forgiveness is seen later as Bathsheba takes her place in the lineage of Christ Jesus.  (Consequence is realized, but forgiveness is given.)

We are all sinners.  We fall short of God’s plan and commands.  Sin and judgement are what result following our fall.  What happens following our sin is determined by our response to our failure.  Do we cover up our sin?  Do we ignore our sin?  Or, do we repent in humility before God?  David found forgiveness…so can we.  It is all a matter of our heart’s response!

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Repentance”

  1. A Tale of Two Kings:
    King Adam of the Earth walked and talked with God, even named all the animals.
    King David of Israel was a mighty warrior, a man of justice and a man after Gods heart.
    But both failed God miserably!
    Did pride, unbelief, and self (PUS) have something to do with it?
    So what chance do we mere mortals have of warding off sin completely? . . . None!
    It sure makes me thankful and grateful for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday!

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