It was a Good Plan

Re:Verse passage – 2 Samuel 7 (day two)

Wherever I have gone with all the sons of Israel, did I speak a word with one of the tribes of Israel, which I commanded to shepherd My people Israel, saying, ‘Why have you not built Me a house of cedar?’”’ vs. 7

It was a good plan. I would be willing to bet that anyone that David proposed it to would agree that it was a good plan. Build the Lord a house. Honor the Lord by creating a beautiful temple. What could be bad about that? It wasn’t God’s plan. Has that happened to you? Have you had a desire to do something great, selfless even, only to be told no? That can be pretty defeating…unless you are after God’s heart. Listen to David’s response.

Now therefore, O Lord God, the word that You have spoken concerning Your servant and his house, confirm it forever, and do as You have spoken. Vs. 25

David’s plan was good, but God’s was best. David did not rashly run out thinking his good idea was the final word. He heard from the Lord and was given a greater understanding of God’s ultimate plan. Greater than David could ever imagine.

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

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