Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 2/11/19

Re:Verse passage – John 20 (day one)

Join Pastor Chris Johnson, Assoc. Pastor Aaron Hufty and Assoc. Pastor Bryan Richardson as they walk us through John 20.

12 thoughts on “Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 2/11/19”

  1. Deffinately should have a foot race but all three should enter. I think just running the race is most important not having a winner. Thank you gentlemen for your insight, humor, and creativity.

  2. Who am I seeking? Perfect way to start this week!
    I love the Monday morning blog….and I vote YES to a foot race between Bryan and Aaron. The winner…. Bryan of course!

  3. No comment re John:20 as I have yet to get into the study. But I do want to tell you three that, as a visual learner, I so enjoy hearing your perspective on the weekly study! The humor helps and keeps me engaged. Just wanted to thank you for giving your time to create another way to understand God’s word.

    Bless you all.

  4. Aaron, if you go down, I go down. My money is on you!!!! Just make sure the course is cross-country! #AaronHufty

    Great job, guys! Love the discussion.

  5. First it wouldn’t be right to leave Pastor Chris out of
    the race. I’ve seen Aaron throwing frisbee’s so he
    certainly would be a contender, but my vote is for Pastor

    Aaron I love your bow tie, but like to see you in casual
    attire as well. Let your hair down, so to speak,
    and enjoy casual Monday! My vote, if Pastor Chris doesn’t
    run is for you. Brian is, after all, the eldest.

  6. Whom are we seeking? What a great question for all of us to ask ourselves. That should be our daily thought as we go about our life in this evil world. Who are we living for? When Jesus appeared to Mary she did not recognize him at first. When Jesus speaks to us do we hear him? We run the race daily and struggle to win. I know for me it is a daily battle.

    Thank you Chris, Aaron, and Bryan. We really appreciate your insight and humor.

  7. I am so encouraged to see people commenting! It gives me the courage to speak up. The question about “do I see clearly” captured my attention. How can I live this life with clarity of purpose in the context of what Christ has done for me. And with the very loud distraction of everyday life! My daily answer is prayer and meditation, asking to Listen for God’s voice, to hear clearly, and respond quickly.

  8. I commented on the “whom” post before watching this video! I agreed with Bryan that the situations fit an investigate mode. It was quite chaotic!

  9. I am a bit late listening to the blog but did I MISS that foot race? That would have been delightful to see for sure..and PS I love your blogs and scripture discussions and hopefully I can stay up to date now with them…all of you shed such relevant light discussing what the disciples and Jesus meant to each other so many years ago as we reflect on these days we live in…who and what are WE looking for if NOT for Our Lord? Thanks pastors for blogs. Pam Brenner

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