Re:Verse passage – John 14: 15-31 (day three)

“He has no hold on me.”

Consider the human being: a brain with enough memory capacity to store the entire Internet; a mind possessing the ability to communicate complex ideas across centuries through literature and the arts; a spirit with the capacity to envision justice; and a means to form alliances with other persons to build cultures that carry out those ideals of justice. Such is a human being at his or her best—and most hypothetical. In the actual world, disease and aging ravage the body. Flawed character clouds noble ideas and artistic expression. Greed corrupts attempts to maintain justice. Lust for power and penchant for war destroy cultures. What would a human being look like if never touched by these sin-infused signatures of spiritual sepsis? That person would look like…Jesus. His is the life we must learn.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Free”

  1. Brilliant analogy to an encouraging conclusion!

    And Jesus told us we could live just like that–just like He lived–if only we would choose to do so through unselfishness and dependence on His and our Father. Repent; thinking again; confession; changing of the mind and the paradigm of life. But it costs us ourselves: personal opinions, desires and agendas which arise from our ego, self-generated wisdom and protection of personal “turf” are costly sacrifices to make.

    That’s why footwashing: personal humiliation, is so foreign to us. We must recapture mutual submission within the body of Christ.

  2. In my view, God created this world with two distinct paths of destination: 1) a destination that reflects human desires, and 2) a destination that reflects God’s desires.

    Human desires are part of reality and one must decide for himself or herself if a desire is sinful. God shows us how to live a life that will please God; and Jesus taught us the way to please God!

    It is each person’s choice for his or her path. There are consequences if the path we are on is full of Satan’s desires!!

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