Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 1/28/19

Re:Verse passage – John 14: 15-31 (day one)

Join Pastor Chris Johnson, Assoc. Pastor Aaron Hufty and Assoc. Pastor Bryan Richardson as they walk us through John 13.

4 thoughts on “Monday Re:Verse Blog Post – 1/28/19”

    1. Good Stuff, thought provoking and insightful discussion.

      Loving Jesus and obeying Jesus are two sides of the same coin . . . and disobedience is a clear indicator that something is missing.

  1. Great discussion! Every decision we may make fundamentally comes down to one of only two motivations: fear or love. We fear of losing something of values so we obey and satisfy a specific demand; or we love someone so much that we obey and satisfy a demand without having any doubts or questions. If we love God because He loves us first and because we fear of losing a loving relationship with Him so we obey. In this scenario, this type of obedience is a love-based obedience! We submit an unconditional obedience.

    In real life, we may obey someone without a love element to the point that our obedience can cause personal or professional conflicts for fear of losing a job, for example. This type of obedience can be seen in an employer-employee organizational relationship. We obey someone based on his or her organizational position, power, and authority and this type of obedience, in my view, is based on authority-based obedience.
    We submit our obedience because of fear not because of love for that person! We submit a transactional or a temporary obedience!

    The question for us is which obedience is more effective and creates long lasting impact? It is obvious to me that love-based obedience is the answer.

    Great question and discussion indeed! I like to think the wall where the discussion occurred is the holy wall!

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