Life Lessons

Re:Verse passage – John 12:20-37, 42-50 (day five) Jesus had hard but honest words for the Greeks.  Same honest and hard words for us.  The christian life is difficult, counter cultural and counter intuitive.  The illustrations He chooses are not the feel-good pictures that would be considered market friendly-  dying like a grain of wheat, hating our life in this world, following Jesus on a path to suffering, and becoming a servant. However, these pictures are not the end of the story.  Jesus also has glorious promises for those that will die, devalue their own life, follow, and serve.  They will bear fruit, find eternal life, be near and close to Jesus, and will be honored by God.

What we learn is that the christian life is not easy, but it is productive,  intertwined with the presence and power of Jesus, and eternal.  Anyone want to live that kind of life (now and in eternity)?

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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  1. I am always interested in the topic of servant leadership. There are so many books out there with the topic of servant leadership. For some organizational leaders, servant leadership is a leadership strategy. A leader’s sufferings may not lead one to become a servant leader but one’s sufferings may lead one to a self-serving leader.

    I am convinced if we claim we are to serve others, we must see people through the eyes of Jesus. The blog below describes six qualities of a servant leader. I found it a good read for those leaders who want to be the kind of the so-called “servant” leaders others want to follow!

    What are the qualities of a servant leader to whom you want to follow? Becoming a leader like Jesus is hard. It is hard to achieve Jesus’ level of serving maturity!

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