An excellent Spirit

Re:Verse reading–Daniel 6 (day one) 

“Soon Daniel distinguished himself above all the other presidents. . .because an excellent spirit was in him.”–v 3

The Bible has a peculiar concept of spirituality.  Larger than most of us imagine.  More comprehensive.  His Spirit lives in us.  Animates us.  Motivates us to excellence in every field of endeavor.

Politics can be a an expression of spirituality.  Should be!  Marriage. . .yard work. . .medicine. . .childcare.  In these and other material duties, the believer has opportunity to demonstrate the difference the Spirit makes.  Faithfulness.  Integrity.  Innovation.  Daniel excelled because the Spirit was in him.

Christians do not deny the value of material things.  We subordinate them to a larger and better love of God.  Material things are blessings and duties from God rather than competitors to Him.

Do you have an excellent Spirit in you?

“Aim at Heaven and you get Earth ‘thrown in’.  Aim at Earth and you will get neither.”–C. S. Lewis.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “An excellent Spirit”

  1. I do believe when the Spirit lives in us, we will excel in all fronts toward God’s path. If we have to choose between God and materials, the Spirit will enable us to choose God over materials! Only in God, we can find long lasting peace and permanent joy!

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