Re:Verse reading—Psalm 27 (day five) 

Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

Do you ever take time to do an emotional and spiritual inventory?

List the real things that are going on in your heart, soul, and mind- tensions, stresses, conflicts, pressures, fears, and uncertainties.  Don’t stop there, list the experiences, promises, and potential that result from an authentic trust and friendship with God- search the scriptures, sermon notes, and journal entries. 

One of David’s inventories is found in Psalm 27. “I feel this- God promises that. I see this- God has provided that. I have experienced this, God acts and wills that.”

What David discovers is that God’s side of the inventory causes him to understand better God’s love and leadership.  And David’s conclusion is that God’s promises and care for the human race are vastly different from current and past circumstances and emotions- deeper, longer, higher. The result is courage, joy, peace, and hope.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

One thought on “Inventory”

  1. Good suggestion! Making an emotional and spiritual as well as a life inventory in general will help us identify our strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities to appreciate God more or to help us come closer to God!

    In general, we should be able to identity what God has provided or guided us. Self-reflection is a great tool and is good for the soul. Celebrate small victories and thank God for each victory. God has a unique way to guide us to personal victories for His own glory. He has guided and led me to see other opportunities for His own goodness and glory when other opportunity doors seemed unfit for me to get involved!

    I have a list of needs for aging. I will see if these needs will be fulfilled as I will be walking into this valley of aging. He has guided me and opened my eyes to see how aging is like. I am confident that He will provide all of my future needs. I have prepared and done my part. The rest is up to God!!

    God is God and He will provide if what we need and want is in His plan and His will for us. Do you celebrate each emotional and spiritual victory? How often do you do self-reflection? And if you reflect often, what do you normally reflect on? And in what area of life?

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