Minor Miracle

Re:Verse reading–2 Kings 5 (day seven)

A miracle happens between verse 11 and verse 15, a miracle even greater than the physical healing of leprosy.  Early in chapter 5 Naaman is desperate, seeking healing anywhere he can find it. He will travel the world to seek out this prophet of Israel if there is any hope of healing.  When Naaman finds Elisha though, he has no faith, and we get this line in verse 11, “Behold I thought…”. Naaman is not ready to submit to this prophet of this God in Israel.

But in a few verses, we get verse 15, “Behold, now I know…”. Before, Naaman thought he knew the right answers, now he knows the LORD, the God of Israel.  This change of mind, from “I know” to “now I know the LORD” is dramatic, even more so than a healing miracle, because ultimately what we all need is a change of mind, not healing.  We must lose our own thoughts and wants, and get to know the LORD.

Author: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “Minor Miracle”

  1. So glad Naaman changed his mind by giving up his ego and discovering God’s power, authority and knowledge. Changing one’s mind is a normal process once we open up to the idea that we don’t know everything.

    No one knows everything. An example of this is career specialization. Even within the same career field, not everyone has the same knowledge, skills and abilities and their ideas are diverse!

    Open up to learn from others who are better than ourselves. Most importantly, open up to listen to God and to learn God’s words and to acknowledge God’s wisdom. We will be better off that way.

    God knows what is best for us because He created us and all living human beings. Trusting Him and obeying Him is a wise strategy! He did not fail anyone who follows Him and will never fail believers. He may shut one door but open the other door with better opportunities. At least, that has been my experience,

    Being humble brings us many benefits in life. Some of the benefits are peace, joy, happiness and longevity while we are on this earth. God bless all!

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