Re:Verse reading–1 Samuel 18:1-16, 19:1-7 (day three) 

David eluded him twice.

Yeah, David wasn’t going to stick around for a third chance to duck.  Two spears into the mentoring program, Saul’s orders opened up an opportunity to get out of there, and David was off to the front.  There would be no third spear.  Saul had squandered yet another season of God’s generosity.  Even in the sad decline of Saul’s reign, the goodness of God allowed Saul the dignity of teaching a young and capable apprentice, an opportunity that shined a redemptive beacon in the twilight of his kingship.  A chastened man would have recognized that redemptive possibility.  A chastened man would have cautioned David to take a different path than he had taken.  A chastened man would have provided the king-to-be with hard-won wisdom.  Saul was not that man.  Are you?

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

One thought on “Third”

  1. It is amazing to see that Saul attacked David on two separate occasions but David was unharmed and that the two men’s relationship did not end because of Saul’s jealousy and disdained behaviors. The Lord was with David so nothing can hurt him. The Lord is David’s shepherd.

    Saul’s feared of losing his own image and power and disobedience to God cost him God’s blessings. David focused on God and trusted God so he had no fear and was quite courageous. Saul’s self-serving leadership was a complete failure! Hope we all can learn from Saul’s examples and know what not to do toward competent and loyal friends and servants. We learn more from bad leaders than good leaders because we know what we don’t want to do!

    God bless those who honor Him and show complete obedience to His commandments. I am convinced!

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