Which Weapon?

Re:Verse reading–1 Samuel 17:1-11, 26-32, 38-51  (day four)

David was only a youth…he had not been trained in the weapons of war. Goliath was not only a huge, muscular man, but he had trained in combat techniques since he was a youth.  An obvious mismatch!  Goliath was self-absorbed…he was trusting in his skills as a warrior.  David was God-absorbed…he was trusting only in the Lord.  Not only was David a contrast to Goliath, but also to Saul.  David had served and ministered to Saul in his private quarters in his darkest moments, but when David prevailed over the giant, Saul did not even know who he was.  Saul was focused on himself and his own authority.  David was filled with the Spirit of God.  The purity of David’s heart brought the overwhelming victory for God’s people, Israel.

What are the weapons in your hand?  Are you trusting in your own abilities…your own wisdom…your own power?  What about the focus of your heart?  Are you self-absorbed or God-absorbed?  Kingdom work requires a heart after God’s own heart!  Psalm 139:23-24.

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Which Weapon?”

  1. God has His will and His plan for the earth. I am certain that no one has a complete knowledge of His plan. We know it by each day.

    We are still waiting for Jesus’ second coming and still don’t know when Jesus will return. God’s plan will supersede humans’ plans. Humans need weapons to fight a war. God does not need any weapons. He is above and invisible. His spirit is His blessings and is our guide in all situations. He sees us but we don’t see Him; He knows what is in our minds and hearts for every move.

    From my perspective, no men can win a war without seeing or knowing the exact physical locations of their enemies, the types of weaponries and what are in their minds and hearts. Goliath knew Saul’s soldiers feared him for his outward appearance and his full readiness to fight in a war. Goliath knew what was in the mind of Saul’s soldiers and he used that fear as his weapon to continue to challenge them. God changed all of these known facts. God used David who completely was unprepared in terms of qualifications and readiness as compared to Goliath’s, equipped and empowered him with God’s spirit for bringing victory to Israel, God’s people. God’s spirit is all we need to win a battle.

    If we believe in God’s plan and in His supremacy, God will decide the fate of the earth and the fate of a battlefield. Men cannot defeat God’s purposes for the earth and mankind. He is in total control of His plan and His will. We should have no fear when God is present and empowers us with His spirit. Wherever God’s spirit is, there will be peace and victory!

    God’s plan continues to unfold each day. We just have to pay more attention and acknowledge Him.

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