1 Samuel 16 is pivotal in many ways, but perhaps the most profound is that David is a type of Christ for us. His heart and kingship is a symbol of greater fulfillment to come in Jesus. David clearly has the kind of heart that God is looking for; a heart that is devoted to knowing, loving, and obeying Him. (Acts 13:22) We are desperate for more of a heart like that, right?!

How can we know when our hearts are sick, or not in the right place? What can God do with sick hearts? Only he can make all things new.

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

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  1. Only folks who go after God’s heart which is devoted to knowing, loving and obeying Him will make the selection referral. I am convinced! God chose David to lead Israel and to be His embassador. God will continue to monitor, look for those who have the hearts after His, place them in the pool of highly qualified candidates to serve as leaders and embassadors and prepare them to lead in various positions and in various places and locations in accordance to His succession plan for the earth.

    I have come to believe that God chose those who could be leaders and His ambassador on this earth to complete His salvation plan. Jesus, the only son of God, came to earth in a human body with the main purpose for salvation as I understand. Since Jesus’ resurrection, are human less sinful? Sins or not are in the eyes of the beholders and only God knows. There is no sin national database or sin global database to measure the rate of sins or to track the rate of forgiveness that God has granted to people who had a changing heart from sinful to obedience to God. Sins, in this context, are defined as violations of God’s 10 commandments.

    We carry sins from birth; and we, human beings, tend to fall to the evil side much faster than to God’s side. Bad influence spreads faster than good influence. We, humans, tend to turn away from God when competition among humans for material things is high and when our lives are going well. It takes Godly’s leaders and embassadors to remind us that God is present and help shape and promote the culture of like-Christ. God works will continue until all human beings are sin-free; and the work of Godly leaders and God’s embassadors will need to continue. The world will know joy, peace and happiness when every component in a society is sin-free and when obedience to God is the driver for all of our decisions, behaviors and actions.

    We need to practice self-awareness to discover the status of our minds and hearts. Only through self-awareness that we know who we really are; and only through self-awareness that we can change our thoughts, behaviors and course of actions in a timely manner. Change is a process and in this process for changing hearts, reaching out to God and asking Him to make all things new is the top priority. Whatever we do, it is wise to have God in our action plan.

    Being aware creates an opportunity to make changes in one’s behavior and beliefs. What Is Self-Awareness? (and 8 Ways to Become More Self Aware). Please read the article below for further your understanding of what self-awareness is!

    Through training and education, people can learn if they have violated certain spiritual standards or principles. It takes God to change people’s hearts. Self-awareness may help people to discover who they really are but they may not know what to do or they may be in the deep dark moments that they don’t realize their hearts are sick and need God’s help so we need to reach out to God, pray for them and to ask God for His timely intervention and make all things new.

    With God’s help, everything is possible! He is the Creator of the Universe and He knows what is going on and knows the status of our hearts, good or evil! God gives us the freedom to choose how to live our lives and God gives us the freedom to come to Him for renewal or for a new heart. Let’s pray!

  2. 1st San.13:14 has always been one of my promise scriptures. Whenever I’m feeling my soul is too sinful to approach the throne of God, even in confession. I am reminded by it of how God’s Love and forgiveness was always there for David, no matter how grevious the sin because at The deepest level of his soul his desire was to please, love and praise God. I approach the throne boldly in prayer when reminded of this, in the hope God sees that heart in me.

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