Re: Verse reading1 Samuel 9 & 10 (day five)

10:26 “Saul also went to his house at Gibeah; and the valiant men whose hearts God had touched went with him.”

Don’t overlook the miracle. God touched their human hearts. God touches human hearts. Remember the testimony of the disciples on the Emmaus road? “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us?” It was not a holy persuasion. It was the Living Savior touching their hearts. He was that close.

Through His Holy Spirit, the Lord desires to touch us in that most personal, intimate and secret place- the core of our being, the location where values, priorities, and passions are formed- past all the layers to the center of our soul. He promises to be that close. We don’t need a just word or a glimpse. We need a touch! What if He did touch your heart? What would be the result? Will you pray, “God touch human hearts, beginning with mine”.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

One thought on “Touch”

  1. Hello all from Houston! The Lord’s touch can be an amazing experience and can change one’s heart forever. Touch, in general, is an emotional and a physical connection tool between human beings. It helps us feel valued, appreciated, needed, loved and connected and helps bring people together. It can help minimize the feeling of isolation. Touch is a form of communicating empathy which is the ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Empathy is the core attribute of servant leadership.

    Jesus is our Lord and Savior and is a servant leader! A real connection with Jesus is a God’s calling. If chosen, I am sure God, through the Holy Spirit, will transform one’s heart to one that will help that person feel connected with Him in a divine way.

    Are you curious about how one feels when the Lord touches someone? Please read the following:

    The Lord’s Touch

    God’s Physical Touch

    Have you experienced spiritual change in your heart? Was the change for servicing the Lord due to the Lord’s touch? Have you experienced a physical touch from the Lord? I am convinced that once the Lord touches someone’s heart, it will be a lasting and meaningful connection.

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